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We hold ourselves up to the highest of standards and have been manufacturing quality truck tarping systems for over 12 years. We have an immense amount of knowledge from years of experience, and our systems stand the test of time.

Truck Tarps NZ

Truck Tarps The Superior Solution For Securing Cargo

Made in New Zealand using the highest-quality materials, Kiwi Tarp truck tarps are the must-have system for keeping your goods secure even in inclement weather conditions.

Don’t settle for a heavy-duty tarpaulin in NZ when there are convenient, durable tarps that do the job much better. We have mesh and PVC fully retractable tarps available NZ wide.

Our products are custom-made to your trailers, so you’ll get a perfect seal and quality, durability, and reliably unlike any other protective cover.

To request a quote for a product, please contact our friendly team at 0800 722 108.

Waterproof and Retractable Tarps

Convenient and easy to use, our retractable truck tarps are highly efficient. They work with a semi-automatic system and can be quickly set up and take up little space when closed and stored. They will save you time on the road and have even been proven to save up to 8% on fuel when properly used. This makes them an incredibly cost-effective solution for your cargo transport needs.

Our tarps operate using a simple wind and unwind system that is entirely operated from the ground, and takes only ten seconds. This means that your drivers will not need to climb onto trucks to install loads – helping you comply with health and safety requirements and ensuring that your drivers can work worry-free.

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Mobile Repair Service

Bunker and Bin Covers

Mesh Tarps

Our high-quality mesh truck tarps are ideal if you need a solution that keeps your cargo intact. They are suited for applications including loads of gravel, rock, aggregate, or sand. However, we don’t recommend using mesh tarps for asbestos or asphalt.

They are manufactured from high-quality, vinyl-coated polyester mesh, with a double weave design for maximum durability. This prevents them from being weighed down by rain or snow.

Mobile Tarp Repair Services

Our tarps are manufactured to be tough and durable in New Zealand’s climate and to work as hard as you do. They have been designed with great workmanship for longevity.

If, however, your truck tarps become damaged, talk to us right away. Our mobile tarp repair service will travel to where you are to restore your product to working condition, without you needing to take your vehicles off the road.

If your tarp was made by a different manufacturer, get in touch – our skilled team may be able to help with repairs.

About Kiwi Tarp: Leaders in Tarping Solutions

At Kiwi Tarps, we have been manufacturing quality tarping solutions for over 12 years. We pride ourselves on our ability to offer personalised service to suit any requirements. We manufacture each and every one of our truck tarps to suit individual needs, loads being carried, and the length of the truck deck.

Our mission is to provide simple, effective truck covers at affordable prices. Allow your trucks to spend more time on the road, increase your profits, driver safety, and customer satisfaction while keeping your loads secure with the Kiwi Tarp range.

Browse the range we have available today. To discuss your requirements or to get a free quote, please contact us at 0800 722 108.



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