Concrete Bunker Covers Systems

Our concrete bunker covers are ideal if you have a concrete bunker that you use to store equipment, products, and materials that you need to keep dry and secure. As a result, our concrete bunker covers are popular with golf courses, landscaping yards, and other locations that use concrete bunkers across NZ.

Our installation team will then visit your location and will install a steel frame at the front of the bunker. The tarp is then fitted to this structure, creating a covering that provides security and protection from the elements.

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How Our Concrete Bunker Covers Work

We will manufacture your concrete bunker cover according to your requirements – they are suitable for bunkers that are up to seven metres long.

They come as standard with manual operation, but electric systems are available to automatically retract and close the cover.

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About Our

Concrete Bunker Covers

The material used in the manufacture of your cover is high-quality and delivers durable performance. Plus, our concrete bunker covers are an affordable solution to your storage needs. Call now on 0800 722 108. to get a free quote.