Concrete Bunker Covers Systems

Concrete Bunker covers

Excellent performance, tear resistance, and watertightness – these are just some of the features that make our concrete bunker covers excellent solutions for keeping your goods dry and secure.

If you have an outdoor bunker that you’re using to store equipment, products, or stock feed, our covers are perfect to complete the job and keep your goods secure. They are very popular with golf courses, landscaping yards, and farmers across New Zealand.

When you hire us for an installation of your bunker cover, our team will come to your location. They will install a steel frame in front of your bunker. A high-quality tarp will then be fitted to this structure, creating a cover that provides security and protection from the elements.

To learn more or to get a customised quote for your requirements, contact our friendly team at 0800 722 108.

How Our Bunker Covers Work

The concrete bunker covers we produce come with easy-wind manual operating systems as standard. When you use them, you will be able to retract the cover in as little as ten seconds or less.

We can also install electrical systems allowing the cover to automatically retract and close. In addition, we can supply and install the entire system for you from the ground up if necessary.

Please contact us today to discuss what you need and to get a free, no-obligation quote. Call now on 0800 722 108.

Benefits Of Using Concrete Bunker Covers

  • Protect your products from the elements
  • Prevent damage from hail, birds, animals and more
  • Reduce stock feed damage with a tighter edge seal
  • Prevent rot and rust from affecting your products
  • Eliminate unsightly, vermin-infested piles
  • Customisable fits for any size bunker


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About Our

Concrete Bunker Covers

Our concrete bunker covers are made with 100% Kiwi-made components that provide exceptional UV stability. This makes them perfectly suited to the harsh New Zealand environment. We can produce a tarp designed specifically for your colour and size requirements.

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We are able to manufacture bunker covers up to seven metres long and can fit outdoor storage structures of most sizes.

Our concrete bunker cover solutions are affordable alternatives for your storage and security needs and offer reliable, long-lasting, effective performance.

Save the cost, lead times, and hassle of acquiring the resource consent permit needed to build a shed. A Kiwi Tarp bunker cover is an affordable solution for all your outdoor storage needs. To discuss your requirements, or if you would like a free, no-obligation quote for our concrete bunker covers, please contact the Kiwi Tarp team at 0800 722 108.