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Our mesh truck tarps are available for delivery wherever you are in NZ. They are high-quality and will protect and hold your cargo, with reliable performance guaranteed.

We manufacture our mesh truck tarps from a high-quality vinyl-coated polyester mesh. This has a double weave design for maximum durability. Plus, the mesh tarpaulin won’t flap in the wind as the mesh design lets the wind blow through the fabric.

In addition, as rain and snow go through the mesh, your mesh truck tarp won’t become weighed down in these types of conditions.

You can get your mesh truck tarp in a range of colours. It will take up minimal space when not in use, and it will meet all health and safety regulations.

Mesh Tarps For Trucks Practical Performance When You Need It

Our Mesh Tarps For Trucks are not recommended for asphalt or asbestos, though

There are two operating options:

  • Manual – using a winch fitted to the cab
  • Electric – an automated system where the driver operates the mesh tarp from inside the cab of the truck

Both are safe options, not least because there is no requirement for the driver to climb onto the truck.

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Mesh Tarps for Trucks

Our mesh tarps for trucks are ideal for a range of applications including loads containing sand, gravel, rock, and aggregate. To find out more and to get a free, no-obligation quote, please call us today on 0800 722 108.