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Skip Bin Covers

Here at Kiwi Tarp, we offer high-quality covers for your skip bin, with delivery available NZ-wide.

Our covers are designed to prevent material within your skip from falling out, especially during heavy winds or in transport. This risk is intensified at high speeds, such as on motorways.

By keeping your items safely within your skip, our covers will help keep you and your workers safe, protect the environment, enhance your company’s reputation and much more.

Our skip covers are available in a standard, high-quality, durable material and waterproof PVC tarp when the weather is a significant consideration. To learn about our covers, discuss your requirements or get a free, no-obligation quote, please contact the Kiwi Tarp team at 0800 722 108.

Our High-Quality Skip Bin Covers

Our skip covers are trusted by businesses NZ-wide. These include skip manufacturers, suppliers and companies that use skips on their properties. With their durable construction and ease of use, they’re a reliable solution for your skip transport requirements – all at competitive prices. They take up minimal space when not in use and are also available in varied heights if you have large loads in your skip or need to transport bulky items.

The Benefits Of Using Skip Bin Covers

Skip covers are essential in many situations. Here are some of the advantages you’ll get when you choose a skip cover from Kiwi Tarp:

Easy To Use

It might be tempting simply to place a general retail tarpaulin over your skip, but it won’t be as easy to install as a custom-engineered skip cover. The result will have lower quality, which will mean that you’ll be getting a worse return on your investment.

Greater General Efficiency

Our skip covers have been specifically engineered and designed for a purpose. That means that they perform far better than general home DIY options.

Tough And Reliable Construction

The NZ climate can be harsh and unpredictable. That’s why we designed all of our skip covers to withstand challenging environmental conditions, no matter whether you’re in Auckland or Invercargill. This general durability helps our covers last longer, making them suitable for both home and business use.

Keep Your Items In The Skip

If you fill all available space in your skip with rubbish, it’s easy for items to start falling out. Our skip covers ensure that things will remain safely contained, even in high winds or while the skip is transported between locations. This also means you won’t run into the risk of fines.

Improve Safety

Anything that falls out of a skip creates a safety hazard, especially when the skip is transported at high speeds. By preventing rubbish from falling out of your skip, you will help minimise the risk of people being hurt by loose items.

Rubbish that falls out of a skip can also cause car crashes or other vehicular accidents, especially on motorways. As a result, using a skip cover will ensure that everything is safely contained within your skip and keep NZ’s roads safer, too.

Protect The Environment

Most people who hire a skip will fill it with trash and rubbish, which may contain dangerous pollutants or have toxic components. This means that if these items fall out of the skip, they can damage the environment, leaching chemicals into the soil or waterways. A skip cover can help prevent this from happening.

Prevent Rodents and Pests

Covering your skip can discourage or outright prevent pests such as rodents and insects from climbing into it. There, they could feed or reproduce, transporting diseases into your office, your home, or building site.

Expert Skip Bin Cover Manufacturers in NZ

Here at Kiwi Tarp, we are some of New Zealand’s leading skip cover manufacturers. Our products are trusted by companies across the North and South islands alike for their durability, reliability and exceptional quality. Our extensive experience manufacturing and supplying covers means that we can produce both standard-size and custom solutions as well.

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Skip Cover Solutions For Your Home or Business

When your skip is being transported, or the weather is rough, windy and wet, items and trash could fall out of it, creating a considerable health and safety hazard or even pose environmental risks.

Thus, our covers are an effective, simple, cost-efficient solution to make sure no rubbish falls out of your skip, no matter the conditions. We have the knowledge and expertise necessary to manufacture them to your needs and budget. For a free, no-obligation quote or to learn how our skip covers can help your home or business, please get in touch with the Kiwi Tarp team at 0800 722 108.

How Our Skip Bin Covers Operate

Our covers feature two main modes of operation. The standard is a manual operation method that uses a winch to retract the cover. It’s simple, fast, and effortless to use. If you would like an even more efficient, energy-saving solution, we can also produce an automatic retraction system that retracts the cover with only a press of a button.

Do you have any queries about our range of skip covers? If you would like to learn more or request a free, no-obligation quote, please contact the Kiwi Tarp team at 0800 722 108.