Truck Tarps New Zealand

Why settle for a heavy-duty tarpaulin to protect your cargo when there are high-quality and affordable truck tarps available that do the job much better? At Kiwi Tarps, we are the leading supplier of truck tarps around the country. Whether you want a single truck tarp or enough to fit-out your whole fleet, we can help.

We offer a range of options as well, ensuring you can get the truck tarp you need. Plus, we’ll customise your tarp to ensure it works exactly how you need it to.

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Retractable Truck Tarps

The retractable truck tarps that we provide are convenient and easy to use, plus they are tidy and take up very little space when not in use. The system is semi-automatic. You simply pull the tarp out from its housing whenever you need to cover up a load. The tarp gets attached to the back of your truck with cleats.

Again, both manual and automatic electric options are available.

Then, when you need to remove the tarp, release the rope that is attached to the rear of your truck and the tarp will automatically retract back into place.

Waterproof Truck Tarps

If you need to protect the cargo you carry from the elements, our waterproof truck tarps are the ideal solution.

They are manufactured to be tough and durable, they meet all health and safety regulations, and they’ll provide the protection you need for your cargo.

You can choose from a manually operated waterproof truck tarp or we have automatic electric systems.

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Kiwi Truck Tarps

We also offer high-quality mesh truck tarps that are ideal if you want a solution that keeps your cargo intact. Ideal applications include loads of aggregate, rock, gravel, or sand, although we don't recommend our mesh truck tarps for asbestos or asphalt.